First Friday November 5 – Meg Walsh Featured Artist

Meg Walsh will be showing during November. She is known for landscapes drenched in light and color, Meg has won awards at major juried exhibits and plein air competitions. Though realistic in nature, her work has a strong abstract element characterized by simplified shapes, limited values, and glowing color. Come visit with her as her show opens.

First Friday October 1 – Lois Engberg Featured Artist


Lois Engberg has been showing at Bishop’s Stock for 15 years. Her mother Barbara Beauchamp and daughter Kathryn have displayed their talent with Lois a number of times. Come visit with her at the opening.

October Featured Artists – Lois Engberg & Dana Simson

October is probably our favorite month. Pleasantly warm days and cool nights are welcomed. Harvested fields and the Harvest Moon mean fall is here. So it is nice to have Lois Engberg is our featured artist for the start of fall. We will also reintroduce Dana Simson to our visitors. Lois is an artist who paints beautiful still lifes of whatever is blooming seasonally. This show will include sunflowers but also landscapes and seascapes. My favorite is a nocturne, Moonshine. Since Lois has shown with us 15 years people always anticipate the beauty of her subjects and her talent. Check her website and her album on our Facebook page.

Dana, her husband John and their children, Ruby and Eli, were featured artists in 2005. As you can image Ruby and Eli are adults now on their own. Dana and John no longer operate out of their gallery in Salisbury preferring to work from home. Dana still creates ceramics, artwork and home decor selling mostly on line. She has recently written Come Together, a wonderful guidebook for retooling our daily lives with simple changes to help the environment. She will be showing things that fly – moths and birds. Her website shows how Dana uses all of her talents and interests. Also check her album on our Facebook page.

Lois Engberg

Dana Simson

Facebook Live with Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

Join Bishop’s Stock as we open our May and June Show of New Work by Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride.

Mark your calendar for 7pm on May 13. This will give a great introduction to their show.

May 7 First Friday with Erick Sahler


Come spend some time with Erick Sahler and learn about his creative inspiration and his creative process plus see some of his latest work.

February Artist-in-Residence – Doug Fisher

Stop by to see what new carving projects Doug Fisher has at his carving station.

Opening Reception for New Work by Scot Dolby, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Barb Mowery, Jim Rehak & Nancy West

Stop by to see new work by Scot Dolby, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Barbara Mowery, Jim Rehak and Nancy West. We will be tasting wines from Patagonia, Argentina.  

Opening Reception for Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson


Our featured artists for June are Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann Peirson. The opening reception is June 7 from 5 until 8. There will also be a book signing with Bryan Coates and his recently published short story in Ghostlight. We will be tasting Spanish wines.

June’s Featured Artists – Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson

One of the things we like to do at Bishop’s Stock is pairing artists together for a featured show. Our Featured Artists in June, Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann Peirson, were last featured in 2017. Carole showed with Barb Mowery and Lois showed with her daughter, Katie. Since Lois and Carole have traveled together and often find time to paint together, they are a perfect “pairing.” Lois is known for her classic “Old Master” still life paintings of seasonal flowers taken right from her garden but she also follows her love of nature’s bounty as a plein air and studio artist. Elements of Eastern Shore life fill her paintings. After being an accomplished still life artist Carole was introduced to plein air painting in 2008 and she has not stopped painting the beauty of nature. She is fascinated by light and hidden elements revealed in landscapes, county roads, dunes and marshes. Lois and Carole will fill the gallery with light and color. The opening reception is First Friday, June 7 from 5 until 8. We will offer wines from Spain for tasting.

Opening Reception for New Work By Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride


We great Spring with a wonderful show of new work by Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride.