October Featured Artists – Ann Hayden & Maurice Spector

The perfect way to celebrate fall is to show work by two our favorite artists from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ann Hayden and Maurice Spector are kindred spirits when it comes to the subjects they paint. While their painting medium differs as do their painterly styles their subject matter is similar – an affinity for birds. You have to understand their aviary interests are not traditional. Ann’s interests focus on abstract takes on bird characteristics and behavior. Maurice represents birds – especially crows – as humorous characters both in paintings and sculpture. This is one of those shows where I chuckle as I hang because of the paintings and their humorous titles. Come and see for yourself at the opening reception on First Friday, October 7 from 5 until 8.

Conversation with Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride will be in the gallery for “conversation” about the newest work they are showing. This is an opportunity to see the largest exhibit of their work before heading out to other galleries.

First Friday – Opening Reception & Wine Tasting with 7 Gallery Artists






Join us for “Marching Into Spring” with Leslie Belloso, Lois Engberg, Ann Hayden, Fred Sprock, Christie Taylor, Meg Walsh and Nancy West. We will be tasting wines from Sicily.



First Friday – Featuring Abstract by Maureen Farrell, Carole Boggemann Peirson & Linda Perry


February is traditionally our abstract month. This year we are featuring the work of 2 artists, Maureen Farrell, Carole Boggemann Peirsonand Linda Perry. Come visit with them and taste our featured from France wines.

First Friday November 5 – Meg Nottingham Walsh Featured Artist

Meg Walsh will be showing during November. She is known for landscapes drenched in light and color, Meg has won awards at major juried exhibits and plein air competitions. Though realistic in nature, her work has a strong abstract element characterized by simplified shapes, limited values, and glowing color. Come visit with her as her show opens.

Facebook Live with Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

Visit our Facebook Page and express interest in the Lockhart/McBride Facebook Live on Thursday, October 1 at 7 PM. 

You will receive a reminder! Check the Facebook Albums:




Opening Reception for New Work by Scot Dolby, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Barb Mowery, Jim Rehak & Nancy West

Stop by to see new work by Scot Dolby, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Barbara Mowery, Jim Rehak and Nancy West. We will be tasting wines from Patagonia, Argentina.  

Opening Reception for Deborah Rolig & Barry Mason

Come visit with Deborah Rolig and Barry Mason! These two talented artists have created an amazing show of their expressive, abstract work.

Opening Reception for Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson


Our featured artists for June are Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann Peirson. The opening reception is June 7 from 5 until 8. There will also be a book signing with Bryan Coates and his recently published short story in Ghostlight. We will be tasting Spanish wines.

Opening Reception for New Work By Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride


We great Spring with a wonderful show of new work by Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride.