Opening Reception for MFA Colleagues from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Gallery artists, Leslie Belloso, introduced the idea of showing the diverse work of 8-10 artists who were with her in the initial Low Residency MFA program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Come see the range of work these art professionals have created to meet the credentials for their MFA program.

August Featured Artists – Leslie Belloso, Elizabeth Ayerle, Barbara Diaz-Tapia, Claudia Eckel, Maria Jimenez, Tania O’Donnell, Ilene Spiewak, Tye Powell

Our August feature is a show of work by gallery artist Leslie Belloso and 7 colleagues – Elizabeth Ayerle, Barbara Diaz-Tapia, Claudia Eckel, Maria Jimenez, Tania O’Donnell, Ilene Spiewak, Tye Powell – all members of the inaugural class (2017) of the Low Residency MFA program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In order to earn MFA degrees Leslie along with the others spent three “on campus” summer semesters and 4 “off campus” fall and spring semesters as a way of achieving the degree when unable to do a full-time on campus MFA. The artists come from different walks of life and different parts of the US. We will show a selection of their work. Most of them paint but the work is diverse. Several work in mixed media, video and installation art. Check our Facebook page to see their work. These artists are very committed to expanding their professional credentials.

Collage Workshop with Angela Herbert-Hodges

Surrounded by Angela’s recent show you will be working on developing surface variations.

If you have not collaged, we will be gluing different papers on paper & canvas and exploring the difference that happens by adding them to your paintings. We will use several techniques to arrive at finished work by the end of the lesson.

This workshop is for beginners, as well as others who already have developed work. Call Bishop’s Stock to register or contact Angela at or call Bishop’s Stock at 410-632-3555.

Opening Reception for Maureen Farrell & Angela Herbert-Hodges

Come meet our June artists, Maureen Farrell and Angela Herbert-Hodges, and find out more about their approach to mixed media work. We will be tasting our featured wines from the Columbia Valley, Washington. 

June Feature Artists – Maureen Farrell & Angela Herbert-Hodges

Bishop’s Stock is switching gears in June with a mixed media feature. Maureen Farrell and Angela Herbert-Hodges have shown here at different times but the way    they use mixed media made it compelling to show their work together. Both artists achieve a level of expression using different images, media and found objects to relate emotion about subjects and experiences. They both make it clear that many aspects of their paintings “just happen” since they both use various watermedia. Check both of their websites – Maureen Farrell and Angela Herbert-Hodges – to learn more about their work and their artistic journeys. Their show opens on Friday, June 1 with an Opening Reception from 5 until 8 when we will be tasting Washington State wines.

Opening Reception for Lynn Mehta & Alison Leigh Menke

May’s show features two artists, Lynn Mehta and Alison Leigh Menke who have been participants in Paint Snow Hill. Plein air and studio paintings are included. We will be tasting our featured wines from France.

May Featured Artists – Lynn Mehta & Alison Leigh Menke

To celebrate the success of plein air painting during 15 years of Paint Snow Hill, May’s featured artists are Lynn Mehta and Alison Menke, two talented artists who discovered Snow Hill and likewise, Bishop’s Stock discovered their talent. Lynn and Alison are both active members of the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association and participate in events and teach workshops and private classes. Lynn began exhibiting and competing as a full-time professional in 2008 and has received numerous honors and awards. Lynn’s website shows her accomplishments and her work. Alison graduated from the University of Maryland in 2010 and began her journey into landscape painting in 2011 when a three week solitary trip to Colorado turned into a five month foray into plein air and she has not stopped since. Check her website to find out more about her travels and honors

Opening Reception for Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride



Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride filled the gallery with new work each April. They show images from their travels and from everyday walks on the beach. This provides a great opportunity to see the largest selection these talented artists show in one space. Come visit at the reception to hear about their travels to Cuba and Texas.

New Work by Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride












April is “Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride Month” at Bishop’s Stock. There is no better way to welcome the change of season than paintings coming out of Lynne’s and Kirk’s studios. Their show always features scenes from their travels which recently included Cuba and Texas. Lynne is also showing a selection of Assateague ponies, farm and woodland animals. Kirk takes our patrons to New York and Havana finding classic cars in his travels. View the paintings on The opening reception is Friday, April 6 from 5 until 8 when we will be tasting California wines.

Opening Reception – New Work by Gallery Artists


March is a month that makes the change of season a reality. Daylight Savings Time returns March 11 and the Vernal Equinox on March 20 lets us welcome Spring. At Bishop’s Stock our March show reveals what gallery artists have created during winter hibernation.