Opening Reception for Carole Boggemann Peirson & Barb Mowery

Carole Returns with a larger selection of her work in oil and cold wax. She turned to abstract work during the pandemic with great success. Barb Mowery joins Carole with a selection of her new paintings of Flashe on board.

Opening Reception for Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson


Our featured artists for June are Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann Peirson. The opening reception is June 7 from 5 until 8. There will also be a book signing with Bryan Coates and his recently published short story in Ghostlight. We will be tasting Spanish wines.

June’s Featured Artists – Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson

One of the things we like to do at Bishop’s Stock is pairing artists together for a featured show. Our Featured Artists in June, Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann Peirson, were last featured in 2017. Carole showed with Barb Mowery and Lois showed with her daughter, Katie. Since Lois and Carole have traveled together and often find time to paint together, they are a perfect “pairing.” Lois is known for her classic “Old Master” still life paintings of seasonal flowers taken right from her garden but she also follows her love of nature’s bounty as a plein air and studio artist. Elements of Eastern Shore life fill her paintings. After being an accomplished still life artist Carole was introduced to plein air painting in 2008 and she has not stopped painting the beauty of nature. She is fascinated by light and hidden elements revealed in landscapes, county roads, dunes and marshes. Lois and Carole will fill the gallery with light and color. The opening reception is First Friday, June 7 from 5 until 8. We will offer wines from Spain for tasting.

Studio Sweep Sale Continues

Bishop’s Stock’s annual Studio Sweep Sale continues through January. This is the perfect time to browse the paintings. Some are framed and ready to hang. Prices range from $50 for unframed 6×6 panels to $2600 for a beautifully framed 36×36. In between there are many choices of work by Ed Challenger, Scot Dolby, Lois Engberg, Barbara Hagar, Sharon Himes, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Barb Mowery, Carole Boggemann Peirson, Fred Sprock, and Nancy West. The sale will close January 27.

Opening Reception for Barb Mowery and Carole Boggemann Peirson

Featured artists in August are Barb Mowery and Carole Boggemann Peirson. Both are plein air and studio artists who will have a wonderful show of their contrasting work.

August Featured Artists – Barb Mowery & Carole Boggemann Peirson







In August we will be showing the work of 2 wonderful artists whose work we first discovered through Paint Snow Hill. Barbara Mowery was once a Worcester County resident but she now lives in Lusby in Southern Maryland and Carole Boggemann Peirson lives in Townsend on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We like the idea of having talented artists from both sides of the Chesapeake showing their unique painting styles and different influences.

Mowery is calling her work in the show Close to Home.   With 2 little girls and a busy life she took advantage of imagery near her home to create a series of suburban landscape paintings. With her contemporary style she calls these paintings a “welcome to her world.” To give a sense of her neighborhood Barb actually created a coloring sheet for children (and adults with time on their hands) to unleash their own talent.  To find out more about Mowery’s work check Barb Mowery Art on Facebook.

Peirson is showing a selection of her landscapes that focus on capturing changing light. For the show she calls this Chasing the Light to show how light becomes a focal point in both plein air studies and studio work.  Living on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and traveling in the Mid-Atlantic area offers wonderful imagery for Peirson to capture with changing light and atmosphere. Learn more about Peirson on her website.

Opening Reception for Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson

Engberg-Lady Apples20x24Sprakling Sky 8x10Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann are featured artists for August. Come meet them and see why their shared interest in painting has created a friendship. Both paint in the classical tradition with great emphasis on light.

Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson Featured Artists in August

Engberg-Lady Apples20x24Sprakling Sky 8x10In August we will bring two of our artists together. Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann Peirson have become friends through shared painting experiences. If you know their work it is easy to see why they enjoy painting with each other and exploring exhibits and events together. They both paint in oil in the classical tradition with a strong emphasis on light. Lois is strongly influenced by the Old Masters and paints mostly still life subjects straight from her garden. In recent years she has taken more interest in plein air painting. With her Dutch background Carole is also known for her classic still lifes and florals, but her main focus is now painting plein air landscapes using these studies for studio work. Both Lois and Carole teach oil painting to adults. Links to their websites are listed on our Artist page.

New Work by Gallery Artists Featured in March

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                        New Work by Gallery Artists

March is a great time to show new work by our artists. Some of the paintings are fresh off the easel while others were done in recent months. It is always interesting to see what imagery and subjects come off their canvases and paper. Some of our artists stay with the same medium and representational subjects while others explore different techniques and vary what they want to paint. It is always refreshing to see what direction they take. Included in the show are Leslie Belloso, Carole Boggemann Peirson, Scot Dolby, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Jim Rehak, Fred Sprock, Roxanne Weidele and Nancy West.