November Featured Artists – Lois & Kathryn Engberg









Many of our patrons will remember the first time we showed Katie Engberg along with her mother, Lois, and her grandmother, Barbara Beauchamp in 2013. Katie was then in her second year at Grand Central Academy in New York. Since graduating in 2016 she is now an instructor at this renown atelier school continuing to teach the classical traditions she learned under her mentor, Jacob Collins. In November Katie and Lois will be featured once again. This fall they returned from a stay in Lucca, Italy where Katie taught two drawing workshops and Lois enjoyed painting the beauty of the area.

This show will reinforce the influence art has on both mother and daughter. Katie will show her development as a talented figure artist and Lois will offer images from her stay in Italy along with her classic still life paintings.

Studio Sweep Sale Continues


7th Annual Studio Sweep Sale Continues

During January our customers can still find great artwork at wonderful prices. Bishop’s Stock’s artists have cleaned out their studios to offer art lovers a chance to add to their collections at great savings. For the artists this gives a chance to sell older work, the last of a series or paintings that just need to go! For those who appreciate local talent this means a great selection of oils, acrylics, watercolors and pastels – large and small. Most work is unframed but there is a small selection of paintings ready to hang plus a few frames to purchase.  The sale continues through the month so there is plenty of time to leisurely search for that perfect find. During this time newer work by gallery artists is also displayed but not at reduced prices.

Studio Sweep Sale Begins

Bishop's Stock set up for the annual Studio Sweep Sale


It is that time of year when our artists “sweep” their studios so they have room for new work. Large and small, framed and unframed paintings perfect for gifts or for your collection.

October Artist-in-Residence – Lois Engberg

photo of Lois Engberg

Come meet Lois Engberg and find out more about the inspiration for her classic still life paintings.

Opening Reception for Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson

Engberg-Lady Apples20x24Sprakling Sky 8x10Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann are featured artists for August. Come meet them and see why their shared interest in painting has created a friendship. Both paint in the classical tradition with great emphasis on light.

Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson Featured Artists in August

Engberg-Lady Apples20x24Sprakling Sky 8x10In August we will bring two of our artists together. Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann Peirson have become friends through shared painting experiences. If you know their work it is easy to see why they enjoy painting with each other and exploring exhibits and events together. They both paint in oil in the classical tradition with a strong emphasis on light. Lois is strongly influenced by the Old Masters and paints mostly still life subjects straight from her garden. In recent years she has taken more interest in plein air painting. With her Dutch background Carole is also known for her classic still lifes and florals, but her main focus is now painting plein air landscapes using these studies for studio work. Both Lois and Carole teach oil painting to adults. Links to their websites are listed on our Artist page.

One Day Sale on Large Paintings

KM Orange Dinghy

We are offering a 1 day sale on large paintings and the chance to win “Orange Dinghy” by Kirk McBride. Paintings by McBride, Lois Engberg, Nancy West, Scot Dolby, Angela Herbert-Hodges and Debi Rolig will be offered at 40-60% discount on gallery prices. There are 20 paintings ranging in size 20×24 to 30×40. If you need a landscape, still life or abstract for a large space, this is the time to buy. If you come to the gallery for the sale go to our Facebook page and claim a coupon to qualify for a chance on “Orange Dinghy.” Spend $20 and get another chance.


3 Generations Featured in August

painting of woman by Katie EngbergPainting of pears by Lois Engberg Painting of hydrangeas and brass pot by Barbara Beauchamp


                          3 Generations

Barbara Beauchamp and Lois Engberg are unique among Bishop’s Stock’s artists since they share incredible talent as mother and daughter. It is no surprise to have this same talent emerging in the next generation. We are so pleased to have Katie Engberg, Lois’ daughter join her grandmother and mother in presenting 3 Generations as our August show.

Katie is about to return for her second year at the Water Street Atelier, the Grand Central Academy’s full-time program in New York. This program is limited to 15 students who devote themselves to learning traditional drawing, painting and sculpture from life. These studies ensure a deep understanding of classical form, design, practice, and discipline. Included in the show is the final cast drawing.  For this Katie received a merit-based scholarship to help cover her tuition. As she pursues her education, Barbara and Lois continue to attend workshops in addition to teaching painting classes twice a week.