Opening Reception for Winter Abstracts


Our February show – Winter Abstracts – repeats a favorite with our patrons. The show includes work by 12 artists. Lots of color and energy! Not all of the artists will be at the opening but many will be here to talk about thier work. We will be offering tastes of our featured wines from the Loire Valley.

February Feature – Winter Abstracts

Art comes alive in February! This is the 12th year Bishop’s Stock presents Winter Abstracts  as a way to shake the winter blues. Many artists return for this show each year but someone new is often added. This year new artist John Beam will show with Petra Bernstein, Abbi Custis, Scot Dolby, Maureen Farrell, Ann Hayden, Angela Herbert-Hodges, Anne Holland, Barbara Mowery, John Nyberg, Linda Perry and Maurice Spector . The opening reception is February 1 and the show will be here until February 27. Below are some of the paintings to be on display.

Collage Workshop with Angela Herbert-Hodges

Surrounded by Angela’s recent show you will be working on developing surface variations.

If you have not collaged, we will be gluing different papers on paper & canvas and exploring the difference that happens by adding them to your paintings. We will use several techniques to arrive at finished work by the end of the lesson.

This workshop is for beginners, as well as others who already have developed work. Call Bishop’s Stock to register or contact Angela at or call Bishop’s Stock at 410-632-3555.

Opening Reception for Maureen Farrell & Angela Herbert-Hodges

Come meet our June artists, Maureen Farrell and Angela Herbert-Hodges, and find out more about their approach to mixed media work. We will be tasting our featured wines from the Columbia Valley, Washington. 

June Feature Artists – Maureen Farrell & Angela Herbert-Hodges

Bishop’s Stock is switching gears in June with a mixed media feature. Maureen Farrell and Angela Herbert-Hodges have shown here at different times but the way    they use mixed media made it compelling to show their work together. Both artists achieve a level of expression using different images, media and found objects to relate emotion about subjects and experiences. They both make it clear that many aspects of their paintings “just happen” since they both use various watermedia. Check both of their websites – Maureen Farrell and Angela Herbert-Hodges – to learn more about their work and their artistic journeys. Their show opens on Friday, June 1 with an Opening Reception from 5 until 8 when we will be tasting Washington State wines.

Artist-in-Residence – Angela Herbert-Hodges

ElephantJPGCome visit with our March Artist-in-Residence Angela Herbert-Hodges. Angela is inspired by her life and family in Africa as well as her travels around the world. Get insight into her mixed media techniques.

One Day Sale on Large Paintings

KM Orange Dinghy

We are offering a 1 day sale on large paintings and the chance to win “Orange Dinghy” by Kirk McBride. Paintings by McBride, Lois Engberg, Nancy West, Scot Dolby, Angela Herbert-Hodges and Debi Rolig will be offered at 40-60% discount on gallery prices. There are 20 paintings ranging in size 20×24 to 30×40. If you need a landscape, still life or abstract for a large space, this is the time to buy. If you come to the gallery for the sale go to our Facebook page and claim a coupon to qualify for a chance on “Orange Dinghy.” Spend $20 and get another chance.


New Work by Angela Herbert-Hodges Featured in October

Watercolor of 3 women by Angela Herbert-Hodgescollage by Angela Herbert-Hodgeswatercolor of an elephant by Angela Herbert-Hodges






New Work by Angela-Herbert-Hodges

Angela Herbert-Hodges works in watercolor and mixed media with a range of subjects from personal interaction to things encountered in everyday life. She does representational as well as abstract paintings which appear to evolve as she creates them.  This show includes larger “conversational” pieces as well as small mixed media collages illustrating the varied ways she mixes watercolor, gouache, and found objects. Her work shows a full range of her use of texture, color and mixed media. On October 19 & 20 Angela will teach a 2-day workshop on collage while she is Bishop’s Stock’s October Artist-in-Residence.