3 Generations Featured in August

painting of woman by Katie EngbergPainting of pears by Lois Engberg Painting of hydrangeas and brass pot by Barbara Beauchamp


                          3 Generations

Barbara Beauchamp and Lois Engberg are unique among Bishop’s Stock’s artists since they share incredible talent as mother and daughter. It is no surprise to have this same talent emerging in the next generation. We are so pleased to have Katie Engberg, Lois’ daughter join her grandmother and mother in presenting 3 Generations as our August show.

Katie is about to return for her second year at the Water Street Atelier, the Grand Central Academy’s full-time program in New York. This program is limited to 15 students who devote themselves to learning traditional drawing, painting and sculpture from life. These studies ensure a deep understanding of classical form, design, practice, and discipline. Included in the show is the final cast drawing.  For this Katie received a merit-based scholarship to help cover her tuition. As she pursues her education, Barbara and Lois continue to attend workshops in addition to teaching painting classes twice a week.