Studio Sweep Sale Begins

Bishop's Stock set up for the annual Studio Sweep Sale


It is that time of year when our artists “sweep” their studios so they have room for new work. Large and small, framed and unframed paintings perfect for gifts or for your collection.

November Artists-in-Residence – Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

Photo of Kirk McBride paintingLockhart painting

Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride will be in the gallery with some new work in this month’s show. Stop by and hear about their new studios and Kirk’s workshop in Tuscany next May.

Featured Artist in November – Scot Dolby


November is the month Bishop’s Stock celebrates the beginning of a new year on Green Street. It is hard to believe we have been open 13 years and have staged 140 shows and 13 Paint Snow Hill events. Some things have changed. Doug Fisher is our resident artist two days a week and our shelves now stock wine instead of fine craft. What hasn’t changed is the amazing talent we  represent. Our November featured artist has been showing with us from Day 1. Scot Dolby was at that time a favorite teacher for Snow Hill students with many coming to see his work. Fast forward and Scot (and his wife Jean) are retired, enjoying being near their daughters and not being “retiring” at all. Scot’s work is known to fall into two categories – vast landscapes (local and some far away) and fish (a fly fisherman’s dream.) Scot also has a number of collectors of his mixed media paintings on cigar box tops.

Featured Artists in October – Martha Graham & Louise Dusinberre

imageMG IMG_1597LD IMG_4047LD IMG_0908






It is always a pleasure to show how creative talent runs in families. In October the work of Martha Graham and Louise Dusinberre provides the opportunity to see creative connections in one household.  The mother (Martha) was in high school when she  knew she would be an artist. Louise (the daughter) also forged her way into the world of art by selecting the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia for her college training.

Since those defining days Martha and Louise have achieved success in their professional fields (interior design for Martha  and fashion design for Louise) while still using studio work as their creative outlets. Each artist works with different media, but it is easy to see a common thread in their compositions and artistic style.


Featured Artist in September -Jim Rehak

IMG_1125IMG_1124 IMG_1123






Each year the gallery schedule includes featured shows of new work by artists who have been with us since we opened in 2003. In September we will have new work by Jim Rehak. He is one of our artists whose work is constantly improving because his enthusiasm  for plein air painting has him finding interesting landscapes and seascapes as he travels around the area. Each new season and changing light are always his focus which he interprets with a bold, colorful  palette.


Kirk McBride “Moving Sale” Available Paintings

Kirk - Moving sale 2016 025 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 024 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 023 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 022 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 021 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 020 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 019 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 018 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 017 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 016 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 015 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 014 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 013 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 012 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 011 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 010 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 009 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 008 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 007 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 006 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 005 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 004 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 003 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 002 Kirk - Moving sale 2016 001









Paint Snow Hill “Wet Paint” Show & Sale – Preview

show & sale set up for Paint Snow Hill

After 3 days of plein air painting, 70 artists will offer their work for viewing and sale at the Old Firehouse on Green Street. Over 200 hundred paintings will be in the show and sale. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the Snow Hill are through the eyes and palettes of talented artists. 25% of the sales supports Arts on the River, Snow Hill’s Arts and Entertainment District.

2016 Paint Snow Hill


For the 13th year Bishop’s Stock is sponsoring Paint Snow Hill, the region’s most relaxed plein air event. 70 artists from the Mid-Atlantic will paint in and around the Snow Hill area April 14 to 17.  While this is not a structured event for spectators, we do try to direct anyone interested in seeing the artists at work to locations where they are painting. Call the gallery for more information.


Opening Reception for New Work by Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

McBride - Busted Flatbed 12x12Lockhart - Hay for Breakfast 16x20 (2)

Our April show is New Work by Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride. The show includes 42 paintings that have been completed in the past 6 months.

Featured in April – New Work by Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

McBride - Drying Out 20x20McBride - Rust & Dust 16x16Lockhart - Chicory withLurching Barn 18x24McBride - Busted Flatbed 12x12Lockhart - Once Bue Eye 8x6Lockhart - Hay for Breakfast 16x20 (2)












As spring arrives, the gallery swings into gear with New Work by Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride. Since 2007 Lynne and Kirk have offered a show of the newest paintings mostly created in their studios during the fall and winter months. Each show has reflected where they have traveled or what subjects have drawn their interests. Each show has also shown how Lynne and Kirk continue to master their artistic and technical skills. Kirk’s work in this show includes influences from their trip to Scotland and his search for the perfect relic truck. Lynne’s work finds it hard for her to escape her fascination with animals. As her paintings show, she loves to capture their behavior in their space. Check our Facebook
album for the paintings. Also go to Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride for updates on their websites.