Featured Artist in November – Scot Dolby


November is the month Bishop’s Stock celebrates the beginning of a new year on Green Street. It is hard to believe we have been open 13 years and have staged 140 shows and 13 Paint Snow Hill events. Some things have changed. Doug Fisher is our resident artist two days a week and our shelves now stock wine instead of fine craft. What hasn’t changed is the amazing talent we¬† represent. Our November featured artist has been showing with us from Day 1. Scot Dolby was at that time a favorite teacher for Snow Hill students with many coming to see his work. Fast forward and Scot (and his wife Jean) are retired, enjoying being near their daughters and not being “retiring” at all. Scot’s work is known to fall into two categories – vast landscapes (local and some far away) and fish (a fly fisherman’s dream.) Scot also has a number of collectors of his mixed media paintings on cigar box tops.