First Friday October 1 – Lois Engberg Featured Artist


Lois Engberg has been showing at Bishop’s Stock for 15 years. Her mother Barbara Beauchamp and daughter Kathryn have displayed their talent with Lois a number of times. Come visit with her at the opening.

Artist of the Month Leslie Belloso

A still life painting of flowers by Leslie BellosoLeslie Belloso

Leslie Belloso  was born in the Philippines and moved to Crisfield on Maryland’s Eastern Shore during middle school.  Her aptitude in art, particularly painting and drawing, was evident in high school.  However she put art aside during college to pursue a career in medicine.

It was not until her second year of internal medicine residency in 2001 that she began to take art classes at the Maryland Institute and College of Art in Baltimore.  The classes reawakened her passion for painting.  Since then she has felt a persistent pull to create art.  She has since taken workshops from top artists around the U.S.

However the turning point came in the summer of 2009 when the incredible opportunity arose for her to study with the master painter and brilliant colorist Louis Escobedo in Easton, Maryland.  In the fall of 2009, she decided to take the leap into a career in art.  She has taken time off from her medical career to concentrate on painting (and on her family.)

Currently she paints almost exclusively from life.  She paints still lifes, portraits, figures, and landscapes.  Striving to get the feeling and the gesture of a subject through her brushstrokes and color, she is an abstract artist at heart.

Leslie has made a commitment to art and is beginning to get recognition and awards for her paintings.  Her most recent awards include Honorable Mentions in both “Paint Annapolis”, and “Dueling Brushes” in 2010, as well as “Best In Show” in Easton’s Local Color Competition in July 2011.