Christie Taylor & Fred Sprock Featured Artists in September

Ctaylor imageFS Study Feed Store (long Vu) 10-3-6-15 11x14 panelFS Adrift 14-5-4-15 22x28CT Purple Sky over Marsh


September’s feature shows  just what can happen when a couple is drawn to the beauty of an area with the desire to make a change. In 2012 Christie Taylor and Fred Sprock found the marshes along Chincoteague Bay to be so compelling they decided to build a home and move from their native state of North Carolina. For two artists with a love of nature the end result is a home that brings light to their individual studios and creates gallery space for their art collection.

Christie manages Hodges Taylor, an art consultancy in Charlotte, North Carolina but for this show she has put her bright studio to good use. Her work in oil focuses on landscapes with abstract elements of space, light and shadows. The change of season is a compelling subject for Christie as one can she on her website.

Fred’s move to Maryland has offered concentrated time to paint and the opportunity to take his technical skills to new levels. His website shows how he has challenged himself to be an “artist” not just a painter. Fred’s newest work draws the viewer with new depth and atmosphere taking him to a new level as an artist.