Booksigning with Author Barbara Lockhart


For the Blessing of the Combines local writer, Barbara Lockhart, will be in the gallery selling and signing her children’s book, Mosey’s Field, which tells a story about a dog who can no longer find his favorite spot in a field. From spring planting through fall harvest, Mosey learns about the fun of chasing rabbits through corn rows and the fear when the big combine appears. Barbara will also have copies of her other childrens’ books that day. In all her books s Barbara shares stories about Eastern Shore history and culture with her readers.

“Mosey’s Field” Book Signing with Barbara Lockhart & Heather Crow

Cover of Mosey's FieldBook Signing with Writer Barbara Lockhart & Illustrator Heather Crow

Barbara Lockhart, a retired kindergarten teacher, lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where she’s been watching fields for years. Heather Crow is an award-winning artist and art teacher. She lives in Easton, Maryland. This is a story about Mosey, a long-legged, lumbering kind of dog, has a napping place in the middle of a corn field, but when the plow comes through, followed later by the planter, Mosey can no longer find his spot. Mosey’s Field illuminates the beauty of the rural landscape, the change in seasons, and the progression of agricultural methods. While Mosey continues the search for his special place, children are not only connected to the environment, but the important concept of where food comes from. Early reader–ages 5-8.