Featured in August – “Connections” by Annie Compton, Linda Epstein & Jane Rowe

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Annie Compton onions-and-the-copper-pot

Compton - Beach Bones 6x8











Our AugustĀ  show is all about connections and 3 artists who share support for their creative endeavors. Annie Compton, Linda Epstein and Jane Rowe are friends who live in different parts of the country. To encourage and support their art work they created a “digital community” that gave them the opportunity to chose early mornings to paint in their own studios in Maryland and Texas. These painting sessions last a few hours and are dedicated to “morning exercises”, warming up with small studies, experimenting with materials and methods. When they finished painting they would send emails with digital images to share feedback. Joined by mutual commitment, these morning exercises have become a way of staying involved with each others work while shaping creative habits. The result, Connections, a show of the paintings they created