May Featured Wines – Castellani Vermentino & Castellani Chianti Classico Reserva, Italy

We are back to Italian wines in May. The Castellani Family has a history of winemaking for over 150 years. They continue to perfect the varietals that flourish in Tuscany. The Castellani Vermentino vineyards are close to the Mediterrean Coast where the grape is perfectly acclimated to the sea breezes and sunlight. 2022 Castellani Vermentino is our selection. There are few white grapes that do well in this part of Tuscany. The red is 2017 Castellani Chianti Classico Reserva from the Chianti region of inland Tuscany. To be considered a Chianti, wines produced in this region have to meet certain conditions which are mandated by law. All Chiantis must have at least 70% Sangiovese. To be a Chianti Classico the wine must have 80% Sangiovese. Reserva means it has been aged for 24 months.

2022 Castellani Vermentino, Tuscany, Italy $16

In color this wine is straw yellow with light golden hues. The bouquet is complex with floral notes, white flowers, with stone and Mediterranean spices, sage, rosemary and mint. It is a full bodied and well-balanced wine. An easy white to pair with seafood and poultry. Alcohol: 12.5%

2017 Castellani Chianti Classico Reserva, Italy $16

This is a clear, medium ruby wine. There are notes of tart red cherry, raspberry, and red currant along with savory dried thyme, and earth. There are also notes of baking spices, and perhaps some cedar.This is a good wine with medium complexity of aromas and flavors.Of course, perfect of Italian food. Alcohol: 13%