October Feature – New Work by Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

During the pandemic Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride continue to spend time in their Berlin studios.  In May we decided to hang the annual show of their latest work. From that time forward much of that work is still showing along with new paintings recently completed. In October the gallery will feature Lynne and Kirk with a fall Facebook Live on Thursday, October 1 at 7 PM.  Continue to check their albums on Bishop’s Stock Facebook Page. Now as time moves along we will have their work through the fall or longer. All along they are adding new paintings. Be sure to look at their paintings shown here and in the Facebook albums then tune into our page to view the video done on Facebook Live as the May opening to see paintings shown over the summer. If you find something to buy, email info@bishopsstock.com or call 410-726-0601 and we will mark it sold, make payment arrangements and arrange delivery or mailing! 

Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

Lynne Lockhart
“Chin rest” 6×8 $595
Lynne Lockhart
“Chop in the harbor” 10×8 $895
Lynne Lockhart
“Cranky old dogs in the sunset of life” 12×16 $1800
Lynne Lockhart
“Gogo’s new colt” 8×10 $895
Lynne Lockhart
“Heads and tails” 9×12 $950
Lynne Lockhart
“Just one this year” 9×12 $950
Lynne Lockhart
“Princess Swat Team” 8×8 $795
Lynne Lockhart
“The reader” 8×6 $695
Lynne Lockhart
“Tiny tourist” 8×6 $695

Kirk McBride “Rosa” 12×12 $1400
Kirk McBride “Backlit Shorebreak” 12×24 $2200
Kirk McBride “Beach Reflections” 11×14 $1400
Kirk McBride “Blue Bug” 9×12 $975
Kirk McBride “Bug and Boards” 12×12 $1400.
Kirk McBride “Citroens” 11×14 $1400.
Kirk McBride “Costa Rican Waves” 8×16 $1200.
Kirk McBride “Dune Shadows” 12×16 $1600.
Kirk McBride “Havana Door” 24×18 $3200
Kirk McBride “Havana Taxi” 9×12 $975
Kirk McBride “Morning on the Lake” 24×30 $4200.
Kirk McBride “Morning Surf” 12×12 $1400.
Kirk McBride “On the Rocks” 12×24 $2200
Kirk McBride “Resting at the Harbor” 12×12 $1400.
Kirk McBride “Shiny Little Guy” 9×12 $975
Kirk McBride “Striped Boat Covers” 11×14 $1400
Kirk McBride “Take Me to the Beach” 9×12 $975
Kirk McBride “To the Beach” 12×16 $1600
Kirk McBride “Tuscan Doors” 24×20 $3200
Kirk McBride “Wave Gazer” 16×16 $1950

Kirk McBride “White Beetle” 11×14 $1400