May Artists – New Work by Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride

New Work by Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride will be with us through May. This great body of work comes out of their studios during the year. We are fortunate to be the only gallery that has the largest show of their combined paintings. In this show there are 22 paintings by Lynne and 15 by Kirk. We jokingly say Kirk has more square inches on our walls due to the the size of his paintings but Lynne never misses a beat with smaller paintings of animals and local landscapes. This year her landscapes show changing seasons. Her animals range from a small guinea pig to four curious goats. Kirk brings us the working life of watermen and quiet moments captured in local landscapes. For both Lynne and Kirk there is no shortage of inspiration close by. Check Lynne Lockhart Art, Kirk McBride Fine Art, and their albums (Lynne,Kirk) our Facebook page to see the paintings featured. Below is a gallery of the paintings in the show. The show will be here through May.

Lynne Lockhart

Kirk McBride