Opening Reception for Deborah Rolig

June 2016-4

Deborah Rolig is our featured artist in June. Her recent contemporary, expressive work in smaller formats will be shown. There will be several larger paintings as well. Come see where Debi is taking her latest work.

Featured in June – New Work by Deborah Rolig

June 2016-1

In June our 136th show brings Deborah Rolig to the gallery. In the past year we have shown a small group of Rolig’s newest paintings showing her creative “visioning” in smaller formats. Her June feature will offer mostly small paintings along with a few larger ones. True to Rolig’s contemporary style, the paintings express color and energy to stimulate the viewer to see connections in what appear to be her “compositions.” The opening reception is Friday, June 3 from 5 until 8. The show will be here until June 29.

Small Paintings by Gallery Artists & Watercolors by C. Keith Whitelock Featured in June

small painting of girls on the beach by Lynne LockhartAcrylic landscape of tree line by Barbara Mowerysmall painting of shell fragment by Nancy Westsmall abstract painting by Deborah Roligwatercolor of old boat by C. Keith Whitelock

Small Paintings by Gallery Artists & Watercolors by C. Keith Whitelock


During June Bishop’s Stock will have two features – small paintings by a group of our artists and watercolors by C. Keith Whitelock. Showing small paintings are Deborah Rolig, Barbara Mowery, Lynne Lockhart and Nancy West. Their work includes Deborah’s expressive figures, Barbara’s simple landscapes, Lynne’s girls on the beach and Nancy’s wildlife pastels. Our other feature introduces Keith Whitelock to the gallery. Keith is well-known in the region for his paintings of working boats, bay side marshes and waterfowl. He is a signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists and his work has been featured in publications throughout the area. We are very pleased to welcome Keith to Bishop’s Stock.

Paint Snow Hill 2013 & Deborah Rolig

Pastel of boat landing by Diane Hurwitz-Specht

Paint Snow Hill & Deborah Rolig

Bishop’s Stock is pleased to offer new work by Deborah Rolig and a selection of paintings from April’s 2013 Paint Snow Hill. Rolig has been May’s featured artist for 6 years. Her studio time was interrupted by her husband’s illness. She is now returning to the gallery with a limited amount of new work. We are thrilled to have her back in her studio and are very pleased to show what she has been doing.

April’s Paint Snow Hill 2013 was a great success with 70 artists creating over 300 paintings. The gallery will be showing a selection of that work by 15 artists. This is plein air painting at it’s best. The painting shown is by Diane Hurwitz-Specht. It was awarded the 10th Anniversary Award judged by Christie Taylor, Hodges-Taylor Art Consultancy, Charlotte, NC. If you missed the “wet paint” show and the chance to see the work created a 3 day period this exhibit will give an idea of the wonderful diversity the participating artists bring to Paint Snow Hill.