Opening Reception for Deborah Rolig & Barry Mason

Come visit with Deborah Rolig and Barry Mason! These two talented artists have created an amazing show of their expressive, abstract work.

Opening Reception for Lois Engberg & Carole Boggemann Peirson


Our featured artists for June are Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann Peirson. The opening reception is June 7 from 5 until 8. There will also be a book signing with Bryan Coates and his recently published short story in Ghostlight. We will be tasting Spanish wines.

Opening Reception for New Work By Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride


We great Spring with a wonderful show of new work by Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride.

Opening Reception for Group Show by Gallery Artists


Our March feature is new work by selected gallery artists. Most of the work is representational in varying sizes.

Opening Reception for Winter Abstracts


Our February show – Winter Abstracts – repeats a favorite with our patrons. The show includes work by 12 artists. Lots of color and energy! Not all of the artists will be at the opening but many will be here to talk about thier work. We will be offering tastes of our featured wines from the Loire Valley.

October Featured Artists – Lois Engberg, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Nancy Mysak Nancy West, Keith Whitelock












This month Bishop’s Stock is featuring the work by artists who consistently offered new work to the gallery. It is a pleasure to group them together to show the diversity of their work in oil and watercolor. All live within 30 miles of each other but the imagery and subjects they paint are diverse but all with Eastern Shore feeling.

Opening Reception for October’s Featured Artists – Lois Engberg, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Nancy Mysak, Nancy West, Keith Whitelock

Our feature in October shows recent work by 6 gallery artists – Lois Engberg, Lynne Lockhart, Kirk McBride, Nancy Mysak, Nancy West, Keith Whitelock. Bishop’s Stock is pleased to have these artists show with us throughout the year but their work deserves to appear more often. We have found a group show gives a wonderful appreciation for the great talent we show. Each artist will have a selection of new work. Included will be a number of small studies by Lynne Lockhart.

Oil painting of permissions and bittersweet by Lois Engberg

Opening Reception for September’s Featured Artists Ann Hayden & Maurice Spector

Meet September’s Featured Artists – Ann Hayden and Maurice Spector – and see how their work blends natural images familiar to life on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 

September Featured Artists – Ann Hayden & Maurice Spector

In September we are pleased to feature the work of two of our favorite artists from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ann Hayden and Maurice Spector are inspired by the simple things that influence the way they live in the Chesapeake Bay region. Instead of representational landscapes one may expect, the show features simple images such as birds and wood forms. Ann likes the sculptural and interactive quality of birds that influence her feelings. Her paintings are mostly large with simple images and often they include subtle messages. Similarly Maurice’s sculptures are simple forms but his ink and watercolor paintings are very detailed. As with their past features, Ann and Maurice will make you think “outside the box” with a smile.

Opening Reception for MFA Colleagues from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Gallery artists, Leslie Belloso, introduced the idea of showing the diverse work of 8-10 artists who were with her in the initial Low Residency MFA program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Come see the range of work these art professionals have created to meet the credentials for their MFA program.