September Featured Artists – Ann Hayden & Maurice Spector

In September we are pleased to feature the work of two of our favorite artists from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ann Hayden and Maurice Spector are inspired by the simple things that influence the way they live in the Chesapeake Bay region. Instead of representational landscapes one may expect, the show features simple images such as birds and wood forms. Ann likes the sculptural and interactive quality of birds that influence her feelings. Her paintings are mostly large with simple images and often they include subtle messages. Similarly Maurice’s sculptures are simple forms but his ink and watercolor paintings are very detailed. As with their past features, Ann and Maurice will make you think “outside the box” with a smile.

September Featured Wines – 2017 Santa Julia Pinot Grigio Plus, Mendoza, Argentina & 2015 Dralion Malbec/Syrah, Mendoza, Argentina

2017 Santa Julia Pinot Grigio Plus, Mendoza, Argentina                              $11

This Pinot Grigio has nice overall clarity and balance with delightful, ripe fruit aromas of pears, apple, melon, and some tropical notes of pineapple and banana. It has good balance, nice acidity, and a long, fresh finish. The yellow color has green tones. It is very delicate but has good balance and nice acidity with a long and fresh finish. Pair with shellfish, vegetarian dishes, lean fish and mushrooms. his is a perfect aperitif. Alcohol: 12.5%


2015 Dralion Malbec/Syrah Bodega Estancia, Mendoza Argentina           $10

This blend is 55% Malbec  and 45% Syrah. The appearance is bright, deep red with violet hues. On the nose you get complex and intense aromas of fresh red and black fruits, interlaced with notes of vanilla, leather and chocolate that come from a long rest in oak. On the palate this wine is expressive and elegant and structured and with a very good balance between fruit and wood. Intense and concentrated tannins make for a long and notable finish. Alcohol: 13.3 %

August Featured Artists – Leslie Belloso, Elizabeth Ayerle, Barbara Diaz-Tapia, Claudia Eckel, Maria Jimenez, Tania O’Donnell, Ilene Spiewak, Tye Powell

Our August feature is a show of work by gallery artist Leslie Belloso and 7 colleagues – Elizabeth Ayerle, Barbara Diaz-Tapia, Claudia Eckel, Maria Jimenez, Tania O’Donnell, Ilene Spiewak, Tye Powell – all members of the inaugural class (2017) of the Low Residency MFA program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In order to earn MFA degrees Leslie along with the others spent three “on campus” summer semesters and 4 “off campus” fall and spring semesters as a way of achieving the degree when unable to do a full-time on campus MFA. The artists come from different walks of life and different parts of the US. We will show a selection of their work. Most of them paint but the work is diverse. Several work in mixed media, video and installation art. Check our Facebook page to see their work. These artists are very committed to expanding their professional credentials.

August Featured Wines – 2017 Donnafugata Lighea & 2017 Donnafugata Nero d’Avola, Sicily

2017 Donnafugata Lighea, Sicily    $18


Zibibbo is a varietal also called Muscat of Alexandria which is originally from North Africa and was spread around the Mediterranean basin. With intense cultivation in the territories conquered by the Arabs it became as a table grape.This wine has a brilliant straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The nose offers a rich and fragrant bouquet with classic notes of orange blossom combined with citrus scents and nuances of Mediterranean pine. The nose is perfectly reflected on the palate, enlivened by a fresh mineral vein. Donnafugata suggests serving this with all types of oily fish, baked pasta in white sauce, fried fish. This is also a great summer aperitif. Alcohol: 12.5%


2017 Donnafugata Sherazade, Nero d’Avola, Sicily,   $19

This classic Sicilian wine  has a brilliant ruby red color with violet reflections. The nose offers a pleasantly fruity bouquet with fragrant notes of red plum and cherry, combined with light spicy scents. The palate is fleshy and perfectly reflects the bouquet revealing an extraordinary freshness. The well-integrated tannin, completes this fragrant and pleasant wine. The producer suggests serving it with fish soup, pizza or classic tomato spaghetti. This is a red you don’t expect, which is ideal as an aperitif. Alcohol: 13 %


July Featured Artist – Maurice Sevigny

To bring summer colors to Bishop’s Stock we are featuring paintings and jewelry by Maurice Sevigny in July. Maurice is retired from his distinguished career in fine arts education (The University of Arizona, University of Texas at Austin, Bowling Green University and Western Kentucky University) but retirement has given him more time to maintain his active visual arts and jewelry studios in both Tucson, Arizona (November to June) and at his summer/fall residence in Salisbury. Travel inspires his work. He is known for his very colorful mixed media adaptations of figurative and landscape images. His art inspires his “one-of-a-kind” jewelry designs that mix beading materials from multiple cultures. At the opening on July 6, Maurice will have a lovely selection of his unique designs as he will on Saturday, July 21 as our Artist-in-Residence. Our First Friday reception is from 5 until 8 with tastings of wine from South Africa. Check Maurice’s website to find out more about his work in fine arts.

July Featured Wines – 2017 Rustenberg Winery, Chenin Blanc, Western Cape, South Africa & 2017 Barista Pinotage, Western Cape, South Africa


2017 Rustenberg Winery, Chenin Blanc, Western Cape, South Africa  $11

This is the maiden vintage of Chenin Blanc produced by Rustenberg. While Chenin Blanc has not been planted on the estate since the late 1980’s there is an abundance of superb bush vine Chenin Blanc in Stellenbosch, which was discovered in sourcing fruit for Rustenberg’s  Straw Wine each vintage. Grapes were hand harvested from 4 different bush vine blocks, 20 to 35 years old, in the Bottelary sub-region of Stellenbosch. It is 100% Chenin Blanc grown in Alluvial Gravels and Clay. This wine is a Rustenberg take on a varietal synonymous with South Africa. It has aromas of pineapple and yellow pear which follow through to a crisp, textured palate complemented by characters of citrus 13.5%


2017 Barista Pinotage, Western Cape, South Africa $14

In the unique world of creating distinctive wines, winemaker Bertus Fourie is a legend. He earned the nickname ‘Starbucks’ for his exceptional skill in producing the coffee-flavored Barista Pinotage. Intense on the nose, with a bouquet of coffee, chocolate and cherry, with subtle savoury hints this Pinotage says deep black fruit with a sumptuous nose. The tannins are ripe, perfectly suiting the round and mouth-filling plum and mulberry fruit. Drink on its own or with red meat dishes or your favorite pizza. This is a wine that stands up to summer barbecue beef. Alcohol: 13.5%

June Feature Artists – Maureen Farrell & Angela Herbert-Hodges

Bishop’s Stock is switching gears in June with a mixed media feature. Maureen Farrell and Angela Herbert-Hodges have shown here at different times but the way    they use mixed media made it compelling to show their work together. Both artists achieve a level of expression using different images, media and found objects to relate emotion about subjects and experiences. They both make it clear that many aspects of their paintings “just happen” since they both use various watermedia. Check both of their websites – Maureen Farrell and Angela Herbert-Hodges – to learn more about their work and their artistic journeys. Their show opens on Friday, June 1 with an Opening Reception from 5 until 8 when we will be tasting Washington State wines.

June Featured Wines – 2016 Barnard Griffin Chardonnay, Columbia Valley, Washington & 2015 Barnard Griffin Cabernet Sauvignon. Columbia Valley, Washington

                                                 2016 Barnard Griffin Chardonnay,

                                                 Columbia Valley, Washington  $11

This Chardonnay has an intriguing combination of citrusy aromas, firm acidity and a very ripe flavor profile. It is 38% fermented in French oak. Pleasing aromas of flower, peach and melon lead to balanced, full-feeling fruit flavors in this wine. It delivers a lot of quality and value. This is a great accompaniment to a broad range of food choices. Alcohol: 13.4%

2015 Barnard Griffin Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, Washington  $18

This is 79.4% Cabernet Sauvignon,15.8% Merlot,3% Syrah and 1.8% Malbec. Cherry, plum and cranberry flavors glide across the palate and delivers richness and concentration, nicely offset by a vibrant structure. A touch of mint and hints of dark chocolate and wood spice rise up on the long finish. This pairs well with barbecued food. Alcohol: 13.7%

May Featured Artists – Lynn Mehta & Alison Leigh Menke

To celebrate the success of plein air painting during 15 years of Paint Snow Hill, May’s featured artists are Lynn Mehta and Alison Menke, two talented artists who discovered Snow Hill and likewise, Bishop’s Stock discovered their talent. Lynn and Alison are both active members of the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association and participate in events and teach workshops and private classes. Lynn began exhibiting and competing as a full-time professional in 2008 and has received numerous honors and awards. Lynn’s website shows her accomplishments and her work. Alison graduated from the University of Maryland in 2010 and began her journey into landscape painting in 2011 when a three week solitary trip to Colorado turned into a five month foray into plein air and she has not stopped since. Check her website to find out more about her travels and honors

May Featured Wines – 2017 Maris Rose, Pay D’Oc, France & 2016 Chateau Maris La Touge, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

2017 Maris Rose, Pay D’Oc, France, $16

2017 Maris Rose, Pay D’Oc, France is a blend of Cinsaut,Grenache and Syrah commonly grown and blended in southern France. This classic combination is used most commonly to make Provence’s famous rosé wines, which display crisp, aromatic flavors of berryfruit and spices. Syrah typically frames the wines with its structure and deep color. Dark fruit flavors such as blueberries and blackberries come from Syrah, while raspberries and earthy aromas come from the Grenache. Cinsaut, often used in the smallest proportion, lifts the aromatics of the wine with its soft, perfumed characteristics. This is a year-round dry wine for duck, seafood, other light meats. Alcohol: 13%


2016 Chateau Maris La Touge, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, $17

2016 Chateau Maris La Touge, Languedoc-Roussillon, France is a blend of Syrah and Grenache. It is dark red in color and medium in body with moderate tannins and refreshingly heightened acidity. It has powerful flavors of cherry liqueur, black pepper and intense clove. Overall it has a dry feel but the ripeness of the fruit makes it appear generous and hearty, Overall it has a dry feel but the ripeness of the fruit makes it appear generous and hearty. This is a nice pairing for beef, veal, pork or pasta. Alcohol: 14.5%